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The subject of this sketch, who has been a resident of Howard County for nearly a half century in 1908, having been born here on August 7, 1859, has won a well deserved reputation as one of the distinctively progressive husbandmen of his locality and has also gained the reputation of a man of high character and sterling principles. He is the son of Jacob and Deborah (Fruit) Templin, the former born in Ohio and the latter in Jay county, Indiana. Grandfather Timothy Templin moved to Howard County among the pioneers, about 1838, and took up one hundred and sixty acres of government land on which he built a log cabin, twelve feet square, which was occupied by his wife and their four children for some time. The only tools he had to build the cabin with axe; but he cleared the land and in time made a good farm of it spending the balance of his life here, having lived on this place for nearly sixty years. At the time of his death, which occurred when he was seventy-six years old, it was all cleared up and under a high state of improvements He was trustee of Howard township for one term and he assisted in erecting the Hopewell Methodist Episcopal church in the neighborhood, in the congregation of which he was always a faithful worker, being a member of this organization for many years; his wife was also an active and faithful member of this Church which was Methodist in creed. The latter survived her husband about one year, being at the time of her death well past the psalmist's allotted three score and ten years when she was called to her reward. They were the parents of thirteen children, five of whom lived to maturity. Richard, one of the boys, was a soldier in an Indiana regiment in the Union army, serving out his enlistment and receiving an honorable discharge and soon thereafter died from disease contracted during the war, having been sick when he came home. It is said of him that he never failed to have his daily worship during his service in the army.

The father of the subject was seven years old when he was brought to Howard County. As a boy he had attended the district schools in Ohio. There was a schoolhouse on one comer of his father's farm where he went to school and where he met the girl who afterwards became his wife. He remained with his parents on the farm until he was married at the age of nineteen. Then his father gave him a small farm, which was later added to until he had one hundred and sixty acres of good land, which he cleared up and improved, but later sold and returned to live on a portion of the old homestead which was added to until he had three hundred acres, all of which was well improved in time, accumulating considerable property by his thrift and good management. But this farm was later sold, the subject having been unfortunate in a fire which destroyed an elevator and some other property belonging to him, which compelled him to close out his farming, although he held a portion of his land. He and his sons bought one hundred and sixty acres adjoining of partly improved land, which was transformed into a good farm on which Jacob Templin, - our subject's father, is still living at the age of seventy-three at this writing. His main work has been farming although he operated a grain elevator for several years. He also managed a pump factory and a hardware store for a time. He has always been an active member of the Methodist church Twelve children were born to Jacob Templin and wife, ten of whom lived to maturity. Mrs. Templin is still living at the age of seventy-two. She, too, is a loyal Methodist and has been a woman of great courage and had a capacity for much work.

Grandfather Fruit was born in Ireland. He settled in Howard County after coming to America and assisted in digging the canal at Peru. He is remembered as a very strong and vigorous man physically. Both he and his wife belonged to the Newlight church. He owned a farm in Howard County, which he sold and moved to Wisconsin, where he bought a farm and remained during the balance of his life. It was there that the mother of Mrs. Templin died and Mr. Fruit again married. There were six children by his first wife and five by his second. Two children by his first wife were soldiers from Indiana in the Civil war, one of whom died while in the army. Grandfather Fruit lived to be eighty-one years old. Grandmother Fruit was about fifty years old when she died.

William T. Templin, our subject, attended public school in Howard County until he was nineteen years old, working for his father the meanwhile. He was married at the age of nineteen. Soon afterward he bought a farm and worked it for ten years when he sold it and bought the farm on which he now resides in Howard Township. It consists of eighty acres, which is well improved in every way, having been skillfully managed by our subject. Who is regarded as one of the best and most painstaking farmers in his community, the farm being at present in a much higher state of productiveness than when he took possession of it. He feeds all the corn the place produces to hogs. His place is fenced with wire and cement posts, which he manufactures on the farm. He regards them superior to wood in many ways, being less expensive and are supposed to be much more durable.

The subject was married in 1879 to Florence McQuiston, daughter of John and Susan (Julian) McQuiston, natives of this state. They are living on a farm in Howard County. They are members of the Newlight church.

Three children have been born to the subject and wife as follows: Cora Dell, born in 1880, is the wife of Harvey Kendall, living in this county, and the mother of three children; Eva, born in 1883, is the wife of William Buchanan, a farmer in Howard county and the mother of one child; Loruma M., born in I885, is the wife of S. F. Buchanan, also a farmer in this county.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Templin are Methodists, the former being treasurer of the local church, and both are active in the work of the same. Politically Mr. Templin is a staunch Republican, and it would be hard to find within the limits of Howard County a more public-spirited, scrupulously honest and altogether upright citizen than our subject, who has long enjoyed the friendship and esteem of all who know him, having ever led a consistent and well ordered life as has also his entire family.