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In the Name of God Amen, Whereas I, James Templin of Vincent Township, County of Chester and State of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being weak of body but of Sound and Disposing mind & memory & knowing the uncertainty of this life on earth & being anxious to settle things in order do make this my last Will & Testament & as touching with worldly Estate as the Lord in Mercy has lent me my Will & meaning is that the same shall be employed as hereafter by this my last will is written hereby revoking and making void all former or other will or wills by me & heretofore ___ & confirming this & no other to be my last will and Testament.

I do order that all my just debts & funeral charges be first discharged by my Executors whom I shall herein after Nominate and appoint.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my beloveth wife Elizabeth Templin the two best bed & all the furniture thereinto belonging & the mahogany bureau, 2 Mahogany card tables, the cupboard in the house, the large looking glass, all the chairs in the house except the linen bottom chair, the choice of two cows, the steer which fattens in the meadow, three prized hogs & five small pigs, all the kitchen furniture, her side table, my gold watch and hay sufficient for two cows until next spring.

Item: I give the clock in the house to my daughter Hannah to be kept & taken care of said clock by my father William Templin until she arrives to the age of twenty-one or else to be delivered to her at her Marriage Day.

Item: I do hereby order that the lot of ground in Vincent in which I bought of David Seiffert shall be sold at public sale by my Executors when I fully authorize & Impower to make & execute a good deed of conveyance to the purchaser for his heirs & ____ forever take order that will the best rest of my Estate shall be sold at public sale _____ such as I have given & bequeath unto my beloved wife & daughter Hannah. And further I do order that all the monies ____ from the sales & out of my Estate shall be divided as followeth ____ I do order that my beloved wife shall draw her thirds from the sales & out of my Estate & the remainder part of the money to be paid out on Interest by my Executor for the use of my daughter Hannah & the interest of said money I do order that part or the whole shall be paid out & made use by my Executor or her guardian for her Education. The principal & the remainder part of the interest which was not made ____ for her bringing up shall be paid to my daughter Hannah by my Executor or her guardian when she arrives to the age of twenty one. Unless they should see proper to pay her part thereof before she should arrive to that age.

Item: I do order that if my daughter Hannah should die before she arrives to the age of eighteen years that then & in such care said money which was a coming to her shall be equal divided share & share alike amongst my brothers & sisters, then a living.

And lastly I do hereby nominate, constitute & appoint my beloved friend John Ralston, Esq., & my brother Richard Templin to be my executors to this my last will & testament to see that all things therein contained be duly performed according to the true intent & meaning thereof in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this second day of October Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred & ninety four.

Signed, sealed published & pronounced by the Said James Templin in his last will & testament in the presence Of us who at his request have set out hands as evidence thereto.

_____ ____ & the large walnut dinning table _____

the ________________ Delivery hereof _________________

Samuel Templin Affirmed

Henry Steils Sworn