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Pleas & sessions – Feb 1778 to Nov 1785 Feb 1787 to May 1798

Page 578 17 Nov 1795

Deke Williams vs. William Templin –Detimer: Court found that defendant doth detain the mare as set forth In the plaintiffs deturation and assess his damage to $150 and costs mare received for the debt from defendant

Page 579 17 Nov 1795

William Templin on Jury

Aug 1798

William Templin overseer of road in place of Andrew Lillun

May 1803

William Templin on Jury

6 Feb 1809 to 3rd Monday Jan 1817

Page 118 May 1811

William Templin witnesses to deed of conveyance from Thomas May to Christian Gyer-Alexander Mathis also Witness – 100 Acres

Page 133 7 Aug 1811

William Templin hand on road from Charles Roberson’s Mill to Jump Hill

Page 184 Aug 1812

William Templin appointed overseer of road from Jump Hill to Charles Roberson’s Mill

Page 224 Aug 1813

William Templin on committee to review road from Hampton Ford to Ruben Bayles, also to review road opened by William A. Chester

Page 252 Aug 1814

William Templin on Jury

Page 277 May 1815

William Templin was granted a deed of conveyance from Jacob Gyer, Henry Gyer, Catherine Gyer and John May for 200 acres Deed dated 3 Apr 1815 Proved by oaths of Samuel Templin and Reuben Wilhite – Acknowledged

Page 310 Jan 1816

William Templin received deed of conveyance from Samuel Hunt Sheriff dated 15 Jan 1816 –Acknowledged

Page 314 16 Apr 1816

William Templin on committee to view and lay off 3,000 Acres on land in Bumpas Cove for use of William P. Chester – Iron Works Now Building

Page 315 16 Apr 1816

William Templin – Deed to John Nelson Jr 47 acres Dated 20 Feb 1816

Page 318 Apr 1816

William Templin On a jury to lay off land Not FIF FOR Cultivation on North side Nolachucky River on Ections Of Millstone Branch to make up deficit of 3,000 acres due William P. Chester

Page 332 Oct 1816

William Templin made report on land laid off for iron Works

Page 343 Oct 1816

William Templin on jury to lay out a bridle way from Phillip Parkeras as far as respects land on Nancy Clark and Cassimer May

Oct 1816

William Templin – Jeremiah Duggan had common Property line

11 Oct 1824 – 13 Feb 1826

Page 84 Apr 1825

William Templin – Road altered to run between land of William Templin and John Gyer

10 Apr 1826

Page 34 Apr 1826

William Templin, John Gyer and Henry Gyer Defendants in a suit brought by Gammon and Crawford

9 Jan 1832 – 16 Jul 1833

Page 151 18 Jul 1832

William Templin (Verbatim) A deed of relinquishment from Henry Gyer, William Templin, John May and Catherine Gyer to Jacob Gyer, their interest in the Estate of Jacob Gyer senr. Dec’d dated 6 Mar 1819 was Proven in open court by the oath of Jacob Templin one of the subscribing witnesses thereto where upon it was Ordered to lay over for further probate.

Page 172 15 Oct 1832

William Templin deed of relinquishment proven by Oath of Reuben Rogers ordered to be recordered and Certified for registration

Page 101 16 July 1832

William Templin – Deed from Jonas Gyer Adm. Of John Gyer for 7 ½ acres.