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The Templin Family Association is a non-profit, loose knit group of folks who are determined to trace and document the rich history of the Templin family as far back into antiquity as is possible. The primary goal of the Association is to research genealogy data, compile this data in standard forms and share family information in order to provide this heritage to our descendants.

Although much data is held by Templin members that has not yet been connected to the branch of the family tree that contains the majority of the members, constant research by the Association Genealogists are turning up data that has allowed some members to make an attachment of their branch to the main branch which is Richard Templin (1688-1775) in and around Chester County, Pennsylvania. Richard married Mary and it is from their eight children that many of the Associations current members trace their ancestry.

Research continues, however many questions still remain unanswered. Possibly the largest question and most perplexing has to do with documenting an immigrant ancestor, his date of entry into the colonies and his nationality. Much speculation surrounds that mystery.

Current members are encouraged to purchase and maintain memberships for their children and grandchildren as gifts. All members are always attempting to recruit new members.

Please, we urge you to join the Association and share your genealogical data in order to better document the Templin family, your particular branch as well as those of other members. For more information about joining the Templin Family Association, please contact MARVIN TEMPLIN at




President:       Trey Templin

Newton, KS

Vice-President:                   Harry Templin

Old Fort, NC


Treasurer:                 John Templin

Leon, KS



Scribe:                       Samme Templin

Athens, TN


Genealogist:               Marvin & Samme Templin

Athens, TN