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Scribe – Samme Templin                   Spring 2008




***JULY 4-6, 2008***


Mark your calendar and make your reservations for the 2008 TFA reunion.

Let’s make this the biggest reunion yet. Invite all of your family to attend.


Location: Hampton Inn & Suites, Kokomo, Indiana (765-455-2900) (same location as the 2000 reunion)


Rooms: Standard double & king $89 plus tax per night, King suite - $109 plus tax per night.


Deadline: Reservations must be received by 6/13/2008. After this date reservations will be accepted on a space a rate available basis only. When calling for reservations, tell the hotel personnel you are with the "Templin Family Association Reunion".  That will confirm the rate and make certain they are tracking the reservations to our quota of rooms.


Schedule: July 4, 2008 – 5-7 P.M. Meet, Greet and Registration – Hampton Inn

                 July 5, 2008 – 9 A.M. – 12 P.M. Business Meeting – Hampton Inn

                 July 5, 2008 – Lunch – On your own

                 July 5, 2008 – 2-5 P.M. Genealogy Session – Hampton Inn

                 July 6, 2008 – 9 A.M. – 12 P.M. Closing Business Meeting – Hampton Inn





Marvin Templin is working on scanning in original documents for the lineage of James Templin and Mary Salmon (deeds, wills). These records will be on DVD and available at the reunion, cost has not been decided but the money will go into the association’s treasury.




Stray Horse


Found in the stable of the subscriber, on the 29th of April last, a brown horse, about 15 1-2 hands high, with a small star in his forehead, and a nicked tail. The owner is desired to come, prove property, pay charges, and take him away.  William Templin

East Nantmill Township, June 10, 1799


The Pennsylvania Gazette







Land For Tobacco


John Templin, grandfather of James Templin who married Mary Salmon, purchased 100 acres of land in Somerset County, Maryland in 1709 with 1,700 pounds of tobacco which was used as currency and his later purchases of land was in English pounds.





Cost of Some Items in Colonial Virginia

In colonial times, there were two mediums of exchange. Both were accepted by the general populace.

One was the English system of money. That was - the English pound sterling, twenty shillings per pound and twelve pence per shilling. It was the legal medium of exchange.

There was also the one which had one pound in weight of tobacco for each penny of English money. That was the one which was accepted by custom. All commercial transactions came to be recognized as being acceptable if the payoff was made in tobacco. Even the courts and the legal system accepted tobacco as a good medium of exchange.

The colonists did not have a ready source of hard currency but they could grow as much tobacco as their land and lifestyles would permit. Land not tied up in other uses such as gardens, pastures, orchards or buildings was planted in tobacco which could be grown year after year on the same land. And land was plentiful.

Some of the below listed items have their customary price given while other prices were controlled by law. The Virginia governing bodies met periodically and fixed the costs of some items, generally the costs of alcoholic beverages and related products.

The information given here can be found in records of the courts of Accomack County, Virginia as abstracted by J. R. McKey in some of her books published by Heritage Books, Inc. See Accomack County Virginia Court Order Abstracts Vol 1 through 14.



One way trip across the Atlantic

750 pounds of tobacco

A day's labor

20-30 pounds of tobacco

A pair of shoes

50 pounds of tobacco

A pair of stockings

50 pounds of tobacco

A pair of boots

60 pounds of tobacco

A bushel of beans

40 pounds of tobacco

A bushel of corn

125 pounds of tobacco

An ell (45 inches) of cloth

6 pounds of tobacco

A pound of sugar

8 pounds of tobacco

A table

600 pounds of tobacco

Digging a well

100 pounds of tobacco

A cow

500 pounds of tobacco

A horse

1500 pounds of tobacco

A day's rental of a sloop

50 pounds of tobacco

A night's lodging for one person

4 pence

A meal for one person

7 pence

A night's lodging and fodder for one horse

11 pence

A gallon of Virginia cider

1 shilling

A gallon of London beer

5 shillings

A gallon of Virginia brandy

8 shillings

A gallon of French brandy

16 shillings

A coffin

200 pounds of tobacco

A funeral

508 - 1180 pounds of tobacco

A sermon at a funeral

300 -  450 pounds of tobacco

A day of standby or service as a witness in court

40 pounds of tobacco

A cart

500 pounds of tobacco

A pair of cartwheels

400 pounds of tobacco



Officers 2006 - 2008:

President – Harry Templin, Old Fort, NC

V-President – Trey Templin, Newton, KS

Treasurer – John Templin, Leon, KS

Scribe – Samme Templin, Athens, TN

Genealogist – Marvin & Samme Templin, Athens, TN







Dues Time Again


            The TFA dues are for from reunion to reunion, we ask those who haven’t renewed their membership to do so now. The purpose of the Association is not to make money. The Association dues are on $20.00 for two years. The dues help defray meeting room costs at the Reunions, help pay for receptions, and defray the cost of two news letters per year. If you have already paid your dues, Thank You. We ask that you fill out the membership application along with your check to John Templin.


Please Print Clearly - Use extra sheet to provide additional information

YOUR FULL NAME:____________________________________________________________

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH:___________________________________________________

SPOUSE'S FULL NAME:_________________________________________________________

MAIDEN NAME OF FEMALE MEMBER:__________________________________________












YOUR CURRENT OCCUPATION: ________________________________________________

IF RETIRED, FROM WHAT OCCUPATION: ________________________________________

YOUR SPOUSE'S OCCUPATION: ________________________________________________




(3) ___________________________________________________________________________







Your current mailing address:

Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Street address: _________________________________________________________________


Phone:(____ ) ____ - ______

Fax: (____) ____ - _______



Please complete and mail, with your check for $20.00 per family for two years (reunion to reunion) to:



                     515 N. WEST

                     LEON, KS 67074          


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