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Newport, Tennessee


January 14, 1906


This lonesome Sunday morning I will write you a sad, sad letter.


Dear brother I am so sorry but its true our blessed Savior has called our dear mother to heaven. Mother was in vary good health not complaining of anything as we all thought in good health on up till this Sunday morning when she died about 4 oíclock on Saturday she got dinner while I wrote sister Kate a letter.


Well on Saturday night she eat a hearty supper sit up and knit as usual and went to bed rested and slept all night never complaining of any misery at all. In the morning Pap talk some to her told her he thought it was time to get up so Pap got up made a fire he was sitting by the fire he heard mother make a noise something like a struggle for breath he at once went to her raised her up and hollowed for me to get up that he believed that Mother was dying. I at once got up run to her began to rub her arms but I saw she was gone. Pap kept rubbing and working with her but I told him that she was gone.


We brother it seems hard to give up mother but we all must die sooner or later. While we are left her in this troublesome world of coarse we canít doubt Mothers case we are satisfied Mother is at Rest.


Poor old Pap I donít know what is to become of him he is trouble almost to death.


Well we donít know but we all supposed it was heart disease. She has been troubled with flutering at her heart for some years but none of us was thinking of the end being so near but brother all we can do is to prepare our selves to meet Mother in heaven. This will be socking to you I know it was to all of us.


Oh brother it seems to me like I never can stand to stay here without Mother. Our home seems like is broken up I donít know what we will do.


I want you to answer this letter at once and give me and Pap all the advice you can. I wish you were here Dear Brother. We have sent for Brother Andrewís folks. Poor Winfield Mother wanted to hear from him so bad but he never wrote now she has gone home never to return again but while it is our loss it is her eternal gain. I will close for this time. Write soon.


Sallie Templin