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John Templin, of East Whiteland, states that a day or two ago he visited James Long, in West Brandywine township, where he was shown a clock that has a history. This clock is one of the old high ones. It belonged to Alexander Templin, his great-grandfather, who occupied the farm now belonging to William Davis, East Whiteland. During the Revolutionary war Alexander Templin was in General Washington’s army, and after the Battle of Brandywine, when General Washington was retreating up the valley, the wife of Alexander Templin loaded a light cart with such articles as she could, and wishing to save her clock she carried it into a buckwheat patch thinking it would escape the observation of the troops in case they visited the place. She then mounted her cart and drove to West Brandywine, where she had friends. After all danger had passed she returned home and found that her beds had all been ripped open, the feathers taken out, and everything broken up generally. To her surprise she found her clock was standing in its accustomed place, and running as usual. The British soldiers had found it in the field, carried it to the house and put it up. Why they did not destroy is singular. The old timepiece is still in an excellent state of preservation, keeps good time, and, as may well be imagined, is valued very highly by its owner.



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