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Proved June 16, 1856

Recorded in Will Book

Vo. 20 page 474

File # 12921



West Chester June 16, 1856. Then personally appeared Francis Potts & m. C. Long who the former on his oath & the latter on his affirmation did declare and say that they were personally present and did see and hear John Templin the Testator in the foregoing instrument of writing named; sign seal publish pronounce and declare the same as and for his last will & testament. And at the time of so doing he was of a sound and well disposing mind and memory to the best of their knowledge & belief.


Affirmed before me A. Leslie Deputy Register


Be it remembered that on the sixteen day of June A. D. 1856. The last will and Testament of John Templin decd. Was proved and approved in due form of law and suffers testamentary thereon were duly granted to Lewis Templin and David Potts Jr. who were duly qualified well and truly to administer the good and chattels rights and credits of said decd according to law also diligently and faithfully regard and will and truly comply with the provisions of the law relating to collateral inheritances.


  1. Leslie Deputy Register


I John Templin of Warwick Township Chester County and State of Pennsylvania, being weak in body but of sound mind memory and understanding, but considering the uncertainty of this transitory life do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit:


|First: It is my will and I order that all my past debts and funeral expenses be paid and satisfied as soon as conveniently can be after my decease.


Second: I give and bequeath unto my son Lewis Templin his heirs and assign my farm on which I now reside to consist of all the land I own on the south side of the road leading from Coventry village to St. Mary’s and a triangular lot including the tenement stable spring and spring house on the north side of said road (the lines separating said lot from spring lands lately surveyed and marked) subject to the payment of four thousand dollars. Thirty five hundred dollars thereof within one year after my decease to wit. One thousand dollars to my daughter Hannahette intermarried with Thos M. Potts. One thousand dollars to the children of my deceased daughter Eliza who was intermarried with Robt. Jardin. If any of said children are minors, then in that case to there guardians, and one thousand dollars to my niece Mary Ann Roberts, and five hundred dollars to  George Whitefield Jardin the youngest son of my said deceased daughter Eliza, to be paid to him in addition to his equal share of the above mentions thousand dollars. And five hundred dollars (the balance of said four thousand) to be paid within two years of my decease to the said Mary Ann Roberts.


Third: page missing


Fourth: I give and bequeath unto my son John Templin all my wearing apparel and writing desk and also the obligations that I hold against him.


Fifth: It is my will and I herby bequeath unto my son Lewis Templin all the furniture in the dining room & kitchen with the meat in the smoke house. The balance of my household furniture to be equally divided between my daughter Hannaette, my son John, and the children of my deceased daughter Elisa (who are to have one fourth thereof) and my niece Mary Ann Roberts.


Sixthly: It is my will that the monies which I may have, at my decease, after paying my debts & funeral expenses, shall be equally divided between Hannahette Potts, my son John Templin and the children of my deceased daughter Elisa (who are to have the one third hereof) of their mothers share.


Seventhly: I give and bequeath also to my son Lewis Templin all my farming utensils. Also all the horses, cows, hay, straw fodder as well as the grain in the ground (if there is such) at the time of my decease.


Eighthly: I hereby authorize and direct my executors to sale at public sale within one year after my decease, all my sprout lands, which has been lately surveyed and to convey the same to the purchaser or purchasers. The conditions of said sale for payment of the money is to be one third cash on the delivery of deed the balance in two equal annual payments with legal interest to be secured in the land by bond and mortgages. The proceeds of said sprout land after paying the expenses of estate to be divided as following one third thereof to my said daughter Hannaette, one third thereof to the children of my said deceased daughter Eliza in their guardians of those who may be minors and the remaining one third to my said niece Mary Ann Roberts.


Ninthly: The legacies herein left to Mary Ann Roberts are made on the sole condition that she shall not make any charge against me or my estate for wages or otherwise.


And lastly:


I nominate constitute and appoint my son Lewis Templin and David Potts Jr. to be my executor of this my will hereby revoking all other wills legacies and bequests by me heretofore made and declaring this and no other to be my last will and testament.


In witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal the twenty fourth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and fifty six.


John Templin (Seal)


Signed, sealed and delivered and published by the above named Jno Templin as for his last will and testament in presence of us who at his request and in his presence here subscribed our names as attested thereto:

Francis Potts

Mr. C. Long