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                        In our search for records we came across a record in the Maryland Archives that listed a John Templin that purchased land in 1709 in Somerset County, Maryland. As we studied the history of Maryland and Delaware, we found that the boundaries had been changed by 1765 and part of Maryland became Delaware. We then received an E-mail from a Lady that had been doing research on the Salmon/Solman line. She had seen our web page and questioned our lineage on James and Mary Salmon Templin. She also sent me Microfilm numbers that I may want to check out. I ordered the films and found enough documentation to convince me that the James Templin that married Mary Salomon was not out of the Richard Templin line of Chester Co. Pa..


Spelling of Names. Templin, Tamplin, Tomplin, Tempellen, Templain, Templen



Land Records

1.         Maryland State Archives – Land Office (Rent Rolls) 1662-1772  Somerset County Maryland.    SR4380   List John Templin purchasing land March 9,1709.

2.                  LDS Film #0006627 – Deed which list the Children of John Templin.

Dau’s - Ruth Heather, Jeminah Handcock, Mary M. Scudder,and Esther Templin. Son’s Richard and John. Dated 26 July 1748.

3.         LDS Film #0006627 – Deed to Richard Templin in the forrest of Broad Kill Hundred.    Witness’s John Stewart, Jonathan Scudder Sussex on Delaware.   Dated Jan. 1739/40—August 1750.

3.                  LDS Film # 0006627 – Deed to Bevins Morris from Richard Templin.

Dated 7 August 1751.

4.                  Book – Land Records of Sussex County Delaware 1753-1763 by Mary Marshall Brewer.  Page 130. A Judgement against Richard and John Templin.  1 Feb. 1761.

5.                  LDS Film # 0006628 – Deed From William Blizard. List Richard Tamplin Deceased, his children, James Tamplin, Moses Tamplin, Thomas Tamplin, John Tamplin, Isaac Tamplin, Mary Tamplin,and Richard Tamplin.  Dated  29 August 1772

6.                  LDS Film # 0006628 – Deed from James Tamplin to Thomas Tamplin

List James Tamplin as the oldest son of Richard Tamplin.

Dated 4 August 1773.

7.                  LDS Film # 0006628 – Deed from James Tamplen to Jeremiah Joseph.

Dated 29 January 1774.

8.                  LDS Film # 0006628 – Deed from James Tamplin to Thomas Burbbyge.   Dated 29 January 1774.

9.                  LDS Film # 0006629 – Deed from Thomas Tamplin to William Hall.

Dated 3 May 1775.

10.              LDS Film # 0006629 – Deed from Charles Coulter to Hugh Stephenson . Mentions property Samuel Coulter sold to Richard Tamplin 15 Feb. 1743. Richard Tamplin Died before the property was signed over and James Tamplin being the administrator  for Richard Tamplin signed over the said bond to Sam Wyatt.

Dated 4 August 1779.

11.       Other land records that mentions the name Richard Tomplin is a deed from James Gordon to George Collins, dated 3 May 1769.


Church Records

1.                  LDS Film 0441441 – United Presbyterian Church of Lewes, Sussex County, Delaware. 1756-1855.

A.     Marriages: James Templin To Mary Salmon - 17 Dec. 1770

               Isaac Templin to Eleanor Hall – 20 Oct. 1782.

B.     Baptisms: Richard Templin - Aug. 15,1772 at Indian River. Son of James and Mary.

C.     Burials:  Richard Templin and his wife who both died in a great storm.  Buried - 23 Feb. 1772



1.                   Calendar of Sussex County Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800

A.     Will of Neill McNeil dated 26 Jan. 1754. List daughters Margaret

 McNeil, Mary Turner, Ruth Tamplen, and Sarah Tamm.                                                                                

             Ruth McNeil Tamplen belived to be the wife of Richard Templin.

      B.   Martha Downey dated 28 Oct.1771. Heirs: Mother Mary Turner,           

                         Cousins- Benjamin Lear, John Tam, Joseph Tam, Martha Stevenson,

                         Rhody Stevenson, Isaac Templain, Mary Templain and Richard


                  C.   Benjamin Salmon will list wife Agnes, sons William, Benjamin,

 Josiah,Robert, Aydelott,and Solmon. Daughters Mary, Patience

 and Agnes. Dated 1 July 1765

       D.  Agnes Salmon will list William, Benjamin, and Aydelott.    

 Agnes Salmon, Mary Tamplin, and Patience Homes.

 Date- 19 June 1778

       E.  Terah Tamplin – Fayette Co. Ky. Land Grants  Acres 400.     

 Date – 22 Nov. 1783.               


Other notes of Interest

            The area in Sussex Delaware was mostly Presbyterian.

            Isaac Tamplin Listed in 1790 census in Kent Co. Delaware.

            James Templin listed in 1790 census in Cecil Co. Md.

John Tempellen listed in a will in Accomack Co. Va. 1725/6

            Mary Templen married Joseph Cunningham in Cecil Co. Md. 7 Jan 1793

            James Templin married Mary Chapple in Cecil Co. Md. 6 Oct.1794

            Terah Tamplin in Fayette Co. Ky in 1783. Received two land grants.


From the Pioneer records of Ross County Ohio.

            James Templin Sr. emigrated from Kentucky to this Township in 1795. His Family consisteded of Soloman, Robert, Jeremiah, Isaac, Margaret, and John. He landed at Portsmouth, and came up the Scioto to the station. He bought his land from General Massie. The old town was then the headquarters of the Indians. He and his brother John were in Colonel Clarks Regiment in the war of 1812, and helped build Fort Meigs. At the end of the war he resumed the cultivation of his farm. He was twice married and had fourteen children. He is now eighty one years of age and rather feeble. His children are scattered, most of them being in the west.