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Injunction Hannah Templin vs Jas A Templin.


Issued 28th Feb 1877.


I accept service of the within this Mch 1st 1877 J. D. Corry by ______________ Atty.

I accept service of the within injunction this 3rd day of March 1877 J. A. Templin


To the Sheriff of Washington County: Greeting, and to James D. Corry, James A. Templin and Elbert Templin their Agents, Attorneys & Whereas Hannah Templin has this day filed her Bill in our said Court setting forth among other things, that she is entitled to dower out of the lands and farm are which she now lives in said County and that you are about to dispossess her of said farm and premises, on that you have treatened to dispossess her, and that you have already been making cow tracts as to rest of same.


And whereas, complainant had, also obtained a judicial flat for an injunction in this case; These are therefore to command you, the Sheriff as aforesaid, that you make known to the said James D. Corry, James A. Templin and Elbert Templin. That they and this agents, attorneys &c., are hereby enjoined and inhibited under the pains and penalties of a contempt of this Honorable Court from in any way disturbing or interfering with the said Hannah Templin in the possession, use, occupation and enforcement of the lands, houses barns timber &c of and on said farm and lands described more particularly in her said, bill and on which she now lives in said Washington Co., until the further orders of this honorable court. And how you shall have executed this writ, make known to our said court to be holden at the Court House in Jonesborough, Tenn., on the 4th Monday of May 1877.


Witness, B. F. Swingle, Clerk and Master of our said Court at his office in Jonesboro, Tenn., this 4th Monday of Nov. 1876.


B. F. Swingle, C & M.



Agreement Hannah Templin vs Jas A. Templin

Filed Mch 19th 1877


B. F. Swingle C & M


Hannah Templin vs Jas A Templin et al In chancery at Jonesboro Tenn.


In this cause the injunction heretofore granted is so far modified as to allow Deft. James D. Corry to cultivate the following fields of the land mentioned & described in the pleadings.


To Wit, Our field of about 25 acres west of the dwelling and ajoining the wood land on the west side of sd lands and bring the corner field of the cleaned land on that part of the farm.


One other field of about 8 acres lying on the back part of sd farm adjoining ____________ bring the corner field on the northside part of sd lands & containing about 8 acres.


One other field of about 8 acres lying on the northern corner of sd farm adjoining the wood land. And also the timber lands on the northern part of the farm about 14 acres.


If upon the final hearing of this cause any of the aforementioned fields should be assigned as dower to complete then in the event the Court should decress that sd Hannah Templin is entitled to any rents & profits from these fields should they be assigned to the widow as dower. The sd Jas D. Corry to be liable meet from the sale to one third the value of whatever is raised thenon. Provided the court be not of opinion that the sd widow has not received a sufficiency from the remainder of the lands still in his possession.


Mch 19th 1877Kirkpatrick & Allison

Sols for Hannah Templin

Jas D. Corry by A S Deaderick




Filed 27th Feb 1877

B F Swingle C & M


To the Hon. H. C. Smith Chancellor sitting in Chancery at Jonesboro Tennessee for the County of Washington.


Hannah Templin Ė Complainant


James A. Templin, Elbert Templin and James D. Corry Ė Defendants


Your Complainant would respectfully represent unto your Hon. that she and the defendants in the named and citizens of Washington County, Tenn. That she is the widow of John Templin deceased Ė who departed this life June 15th 1869, leaving a last will and testament, which was admitted to probate in the County Court of said County July 1869. A copy of which is hereto attached as exhibit ďAĒ and made part of this bill but need not be coppied.


Your Hon on examining said will, will see that the deftElbert Templin is appointed Executor of the same, and that he and the defendant James A. are the advisery under same, and also that there is no provision whatever in said will for Complainant. Complainant would further state and show unto Your Hon. that at the August Term of said Co., court the Executor therein named, appeared and qualified as such, and that this Complainant also appeared at, and in said Court at said Aug. Term and dissented to said will, in the manner appointed by law, that her dissent was entered of record, and Commissioners appointed to lay off and set apart, her dower in and, out of the real estate of the said John Templin, all of which more fully appears from a transcript of said proceedings hereto attached marked ďBĒ and made part of this bill but need not be coppied. Your complainant states that the Commissioners appointed for that purpose, never did assign, or set apart dower to her, that she was advised by said Commissioners and the devises named in said will (who are her children, and in whom she very naturally confided) that it was not necessary to go to the trouble and expense of having dower formally laid off, as she could live on the farm with her said two sons, James A. and Elbert, and have her support and maintenance off the same during her life, that if at anytime she became dissatisfied, or desired it, she could have her dower assigned and set apart by said Commissioners at anytime. Complainant states that the whole matter rested in the condition above stated, until very recently. That as she is informed the defendants James A. and Elbert, made sale of the lands mentioned in said will in November 1876, to the defendant James D. Corry, there, as she is informed Ė by the terms of sale the deft Corry is to have possession of all the lands in the month of March next 1877, that the deft Corry has entered the house and garden, and has forbidden the cultivation of any of the land, and is threatening to dispossess Complt.


Complainant would state that she is now more than 70 years old, very feeble and helpless, that she was old and feeble at the time said Commissioners and devises failed to set apart dower, and wholly ignorant of her rights and; remedies and she charges that it was an undue advantage taken of her by those in whom she had a right to confide, and she is advised and will insist that this Court will not permit her to be tossed out of a house in her present old age and helpless condition, in conquesencethereof. Complainant states that the lands mentioned and describe in the said will an situate and by in Civil District No. 4 of Washington Co Tenn, and tract containing about 162 acres adjoining the lands of T. J. Wilson, Jacob Cacelus E. Booth and others.


The other containing about 30 acres and ajoing the lands of said Cacelus. John Love Joseph Fitzgerald and others.


Premises considered Complainants prays that all necessary process issue, that the parties named in the caption as defendants be required to answer this bill fully & truly but not on oath. That Commissioners be appointed by this Court for that purpose, and dower assigned Complainant out of the lands described in the will and this bill, as the statute of Tenn directs that the defendants, each and all of them be enjoyed and inhibited from interfering, on in anyway disturbing Complainant, in the occupancy enjoinment and possession of said house & farm pending this bill, and that on final hearing they be enjoined from disturbing her in the possession and enjoinment of that part of said land which may be assigned hers as dower, during her life. Complainant for all further & difference relief which she may be entitled to in equity.

This is the first application for an injunction in this cause.


Kirkpatrick & Allison, Sols.


State of Tennessee, Washington County.


Before me Joseph Booth an acting Justice of the Peace in said County, this day came Hannah Templin, who made oath in due form of law, that the facts set forth in the foregoing Bill, are true, to the best of her knowledge information and belief.


Sown to & Subscribed before me this Feb 21, 1877


Hannah Templin (her mark)



The State of Tennessee

To the Clerk & Master of the Chancery Court at Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee.


Issue an injunction as prayed for in and by the foregoing bill oncomplainants executing bond with security according to Law or by other wise complying with the law.

February 28th 1877

S B Call, Judge







I John Templin do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all others by me at any time made First & direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any moneys that I may did possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executor. Secondly I give and bequeath to my sons Elbert and James A. Templin the farm on which I now live also the thirty acre tract known as the Wolsey tract to be equally theirs on the following conditions. Elbert & James Templin to pay each the following sum. Elbert to pay my son Samuel Templin fifty dollars, James A. Templin to pay him fifty dollars making the sum of one hundred dollars which sum is to make his entire interest in my estate. Also to pay Martha McNeese one hundred dollars, Eliza Estes one hundred dollars, Emaline Lovelace two hundred and twenty five dollars, Malinda Wyan one hundred and fifty dollars, Amanda Loyd two hundred and twenty five dollars and Elizabeth Templin three hundred dollars the above sums to be their entire interest in my estate the above sum make in the aggregate the sum of twelve hundred dollars of which amount Elbert is to pay six hundred dollars and James A. Templin is to pay six hundred dollars. Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint Elbert Templin my executor. In witness whereof I do to this my last will set my hand this 7th day of May one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine.

John Templin


Signed and subscribed in our presence and we have subscribed our names hereto in the presence of the testator this the 7th day of May 1869. The word be in forth line from the bottom ____________ before the signing..


Ebenezer Booth

E. Armstrong


The foregoing will was presents to the Court for probate at July term 1869 and proven by the oaths of Ebenezer Booth and E. Armstrong the two subscribing, witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and Elbert Templin the executor therein named appeared in open court entered into bond and security as was qualified as the law directs.


J. F Grisham Clerk


State of Tennessee, Washington County


I J. Grisham Clerk, County court, hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the last will and testament as the same appears of record in this office. Witness my hand at office this 19th day of February 1877.


J. F. Grisham Clerk.


Copy John Templins Will, Clerks fee $1.00, Ex ďAĒ Filed 28th Feb 1877

B F Swingle C & M




At a County Court begun and held for the County of Washington and State of Tennessee at the Court House in Jonesboro: on the 1st Monday, it being the 2nd day of August 1869. His Worship Lawrence Bowens Chairman presiding Chairman ProTem and Alex Mathes George Capp W B Seaton John H Payne C H Swatzd Joseph Keebler Jonathan Killey Wm R Miller, Vincent Boring Joseph Tucker Joseph Hill A C Collins C E May Nathan Shipley S K N Patton James B Strain John Walter Thomas C McAdams Irenius Keicher John Gallagher J F Gusham William Ward and John L Murray Esquires being present, in the transaction of business among other things the following order was had and entered of record to wit.


Hannah Templin widow of John Templin Dec.d hereby dissents from the will of her late husband John Templin Dec.d and respectfully prays the Worshipful County Court of Washington County to appoint commissioners to lay off and set aside to her the lawful allowance due her, and also one years support out of said estate, and also to appoint commissioners to lay off and set out by meter and bounds one third of her late husbands real estate, during her natural life, and she will ever pray.

Attest Elbert Templin.


And on motion the Court approved.





State of Tennessee Washington County


I, Hannah Templin do solemnly swear that owing to my poverty I am, unable to bear the expense of a suit which I am about to consider in the Chancery Court of Washington County, Tenn against James A. Templin Elbert Templin and James D. Corry and that I am justly entitled to the relief sought according the best of my knowledge information and belief.


Sworn to & Subscribed before me this Feb 21st 1877.

Joseph Booth

Justice Peace for said Co.


Hannah Templin (her mark)





Filed Mch 6th 1877

B F Swingle C & M


The separate answer of James D. Corry to the bill exhibited in the Chancery court at Jonesboro Tenn Feb 27 1877 by Hannah Templin. Against himself and others.


Respondent saving & reserving unto him the right of exceptions to the errors and insufficiencies of sd bill. Come by protestation and for answer to so much & such parts thereof as he is advised it is mutual he should make answer unto. Says The residence of the parties is correctly stated.


It is here that Complt. is the widow of John Templin Decíd who died in June 1869. having made & published his last will & testament which was admitted to probate & the executor qualified as stated in the bill.


Respondent supposes that Ex. ďAĒ is substantially a correct copy of sd John Templins will.


Respondent knows nothing of the action of the County Court upon Complts application for dower out of sd John Templins estate. Nor did he know that Complt. had ever ordered any dissent to síd will until he saw the fact stated in Complts bill. But Respondent did know that the Commissioners who were appointed to lay off a years support for complt. Also offered to set a part means off a dower for her. & Respondent did & has for ________advised Complt to dissent from the will and take dower. Respondent would here state that he is a son in law of Complt. & Bro in Law to his Co Defts.


Complt. sometimes would tell Respdt. that she would take his advice and then again would tell him that she knew her sons would care for her and she would not claim dower but would allow them to sell the land free from all incumbrances & pay off the other children.


Respdt desires that there was ever any order made in the County Court directing Commissioners to lay off dower to Complt.


Respdt knows nothing in reference to Complts being advised by the Commissioners or by the devises under the will not to claim dower in sd land.


Respondent admits that some time ago he purchased one tract of the land mentioned and described in sd bill from sd James & Elbert his Co Defts. But Complt need not state that she is informed & advised of these fact because no one knows the circumstances more fully than Complt. If she could only gave her consent to give to the Court all the particulars.


Complt was present when Respdt was made trading for said land. And Respondent knowing that Complt had a right to dissent from sd bill. Having often as aforesaid advised her so to do would never have entertained the idea of purchasing sd land had Complt ever intimated that she claimed dower in the same. But upon the contrary Complt was present on frequently while the trade was being negotiated an urged & insisted upon Respondents purchasing sd land on upon Deft Elbert & James selling the same and stated distinctly & repeatedly that she claimed no dower in the same. And these statements induced Respondent to purchase the land at the sum of $1500.00 off which sd Respdt has paid something over $1100.00 and executed his several promissory notes for the balance.


Respondent charges that the aforesaid statements & declarations of Complt were made for the fraudulent purpose of inducing Respdt to pay his hard earn means to Complts two sons. And that complt is combining & _________ with her two sd sons James & Elbert to cheat money and defraud Respondt. Said Elbert & James having procured the filing of Complt bill against themselves and Respondent. And that on the day of the filing of sd bill sd Deft Elbert: Endeavors to trade on sell Respdt notes to J. H Dossen & Co. stating to sd Dosser that he was advised by his solicitors that if he would assign sd notes that Respondt could not have the same. Abated in the event Complt succeeded in recovering her dower interest. And on the day following he & sd James did make and assign sd notes for the fraudulent purpose & with the fraudulent intent of depriving Respdt of any offset which he might have against the same.


Respdt is advised that Complt is estopped from recovering her sd dower by reason that she procured Respdt to purchase the same & waive any and all her right to the same. And she cannot take advantage of her own fraud and money. Complt & her two sons Elbert & James have been living together.


Respondent admits that he has rented the house & garden to sd lands. And Respdt would here state that he rented the same to Complt herself on to her son James for her. And ________Complt seeks to make the appearance that he has rented to some one else and would turn her out which is untrue.


Respdt denies that he has forbidden Complt cultivating but upon the contrary has agreed to let her have whatever was necessary for her and all she has asked for. Though not under the slighted obligation to do so.


Respdt denies that he has ever sought or intended to dispossess Complt. Complt has frequently since Respdt purchased sd land told Respdt that she claimed no dower on sd land.


And where Respdt was first approached upon the subject of a purchase he informed Complt of the propositions made him and asked him as to the dower. She disclaimed any interest in the lands and said she was anxious that Respdt should purchase so that the legacies under the will might be paid off. And after Respdt had concluded that he would purchase he advised with Complt. as to her right to dower but she positively declined claiming any right to the same. Asserting that she had confidence in her sons & that they would maintain her. Respdt insist that in as much as Complt was familiar with all the transactions that her fare assent to sd sale would estop him from claiming dower, But Respdt can & will show that Complt insisted upon a sale of said land. Much less can she be entitled to any benefit; as Respdt thinks he can show that there has been a combination upon the past of his Co Deft. & Complt to cheat money & defraud him and Respdt believes and charges the fact so to be that this has been the fixed & steady purpose of Complt & his Co Defts.


And having answered Respdt prays that he be hence dismissed and that the injunction hereto for granted be dissolved & that Complt go hence with his costs.


Reeves & Deaderick Sol.


State of Tennessee Washington County


Personally came before me and made oath to Ja D. Corry Ė that the statements made in the foregoing answer and true to the best of his information & belief.


Sworn & Subscribed me

Mch 6th 1877


James D. Corry


Sub to Testify for Complt.

Hannah Templin vs James A Templin et al

Issd May 18th 1877.


Ser to Answer

Hannah Templin vs James A Templin et al

Issued 27th Feb 1877


I acknowledge service of within & main copy of bill

J D Corry

By Reeves & Deaderick Attys


Marcy 3rd 1877 Ė I acknowledge service of the within surpoun and main copy of the bill. J A Templin




TO THE SHERIFF OF Washington County---Greeting:

We Command You to Summon Hannah Templin, James A. Templin, Elbert Templin, T. J. Wilson and E. E. Wilson to appear before the Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court of Washington County, at his office in the Court House, in Jonesboroí, on the 23rd day of May 1877, and testify and the truth to speak in a cause pending in said Court wherein Hannah Templin is complainant and James A. Templin et al on Defendants, on behalf of Complainant. And this you shall not omit under the lawful penalty.

Witness, B. F. Swingle, Clerk and Master, at office in Jonesboroí, the Fourth Monday of November 1876.


D. A. Patton C. & M.



TO THE SHERIFF OF Washington County---Greeting: We Command You to Summon James A. Templin, Elbert Templin & James D. Corry if to be found in your County, to appear before the Honorable Judge of the Court of Chancery, at a Court to be holden for the District composed of the County of Washington, at the Court House in Jonesboroí, on the Fourth Monday of May next, then and there to answer a Bill in Equity, filed against them by Hannah Templin and further to do whatever may be decreed against them in the premises. Herein fail not, under the penalty prescribed by Law, and have you then and there this Writ.

Witness, B. F. Swingle Clerk and Master of said Court, at Office in Jonesboroí, the Fourth Monday of November 1876.

B. F. Swingle C. & M.







Taken & Filed May 16th 1877


James Loyd & J. D. Corry


Hannah Templin vs James A. Templin et al, In Chancery at Jonesboro Washington County Tenn.

Depositions of James Loyed and Jas. D. Corry taken before me at my office in Jonesboro by agreement on the 16th day of May 1877 in presence of A. S. Deaderick sol for Defts.


Said James Loyd of lawful age being only sworn resposes & says:

I knew John Templin during his lifetime. I also know his widow Hannah Templin. I also know Jas D. Corry & Elbert & Jas A Templin Defts in this cause. I know the farm that Mr. Templin left at his death. I have never heard of his widow moving from the farm since his death. The understanding is that Jas A. Templin lives on the sd farm. I had a conversation with Mrs. Templin sometime before her sons sold the farm to Jas D. Corry in which conversation Mrs. Templin expressed a willingness for the boys Elbert & Jas to sell the land. I donít remember the exact language in sd conversation she spoke of wanting the boys to get out of debt & depended upon the boys for a living. I donít think at this time they had anything else to sell. It was always my understanding that John Templin owned another tract of land aside from the home farm. I donít know how much was of sd tract. It was a small tract I have seen him working on it.


Cross Ex and further saith not test. D. A. Patton

James (his mark) Loyd


J. D. Corry of lawful age being duly sworn reposes as follows


I am one of the Defts in this case. I married a daughter of Complt Hannah Templin.

Complt & Jas A. Templin are now living on the lands in dispute in this case. I purchased the land in controversy of Elbert & Jas A. Templin Exectos of John Templins will. We were some time in arranging the trade and the terms thereof. During the process of the trade we had several conversations in the presence of the Complt. She urged me to buy and said she wanted the boys to get out of debt & said they were not able to pay the debts any other way than to sell the land. These debts spoken of were principally legacies to the other heirs, and some other debts. The land was advertised in the news paper for sale by Elbert & James. One William Gillenwatters write to Elbert Templin asking the terms upon which they would sell, they gave me the letter to read I answered it for them in presence of Complt. At this time Complt seemed anxious for them to sell to sd Gillenwatters & said she was afraid he would not buy the land. This was some three or four months before the propositions were made to me to buy the farm along about this time. I was at complts house upon one occasion when Complt & Deft Elbert & James I think were present. They were talking of a man from Va who had been there a short time before looking at the land with a view to purchase it. Elbert & James had asked him $2500 for it & this man had asked them if $2000 would not buy it. Complt. Said she was sorry they did not take his offer of $2000 they said he had promised to come back or write in two or three weeks & she said she was afraid he would not come or write. Before & during this time I had two or three conversations with Complt in regard to her claiming dower in the land and advised her to claim dower. She told me that she could not hold a dower and that she would not if she could that she wanted the boys to sell and get out of debt. Deft Elbert first proposed to sell the land to me. After this proposition I had frequent conversations with Complt in reference to the sale of the land. She said I ought to buy it for it would make me a good home & expressed a preference that I should have it rather than strangers. This was from two to four weeks before we made the contract, the statements of Complt that she did not have a dower nor would not have a dower caused me not to demand her signature to the title papers, and had she at any time claimed a dower in the land I would not have bought. I did hear her say at one time about a year before that she would claim dower but after that she said she would not have a dower and all the time afterwards I bought she said she would not claim dower. A short time after I bought perhaps two weeks I went over to Complts and asked her who it was cutting down timber in the woods. She said no one was but that Elbert & James had sold a down tree before they had sold the land to me & had forgot to tell me about it. I told her I heard two or three fall, then she said she did not know anything about it that the land belong to me now & I would have to attend to it myself. At the time Elbert & Jas executed to me a title bond for the land. I paid & had paid something over $1150.00 on the purchase price of the land. I executed my notes to them for the balance of the purchase price. Then were four notes two of sd notes were executed jointly to sd Elbert & James for about $49.00 each and notes of $73.00 to Elbert & James each. There was one other note for $116. This last mentioned note was paid by me in a short time after it was executed. I have paid $48.00 on one of the $73.00 notes sd two $73.00 notes are now in the hands of Mr. Hoss & Johnson these notes were transferred immediately before (perhaps a day or two) the filing of Complt bill & about the same time the two $49.00 notes were assigned to one John K. Rodgers in Va of these assignments I was duly notified by the present holders of sd notes at the time of these assignment Defts Elbert & James were both living with Complt. After I had bought the land Complt said to me that she was glad I had bought it that the boys could do better on rented land out of debt than they could on that land & be in debt.


And further sayeth not James D. Corry.


The foregoing depositions were taken before me as stated in the caption and ________________to writing by me and I certify that I an not interested in the cause nor of kin or counsel to either of the parties given under my hand this 16th day of May 1877.


D. A. Patton



Hannah Templin vs James A. Templin et al


I accept service of written notes

H. S. Deaderick sol for Deft Corry


Hannah Templin vs James A. Elbert Templin, et al


Now pending in Chancery at Jonesboro Tenn.


To James D. Corry, Jas A. and Elbert Templin.


On Wednesday the 23rd day of May 1877. At the office of the Clerk & Master in Jonesboro Tenn I will take the depositions of myself James A. Templin, Elbert Templin, T. J. Wilson and E. E. Wilson to be read as evidence on the hearing of the above cause

May 18th 1877


Hannah Templin

By John Allison Jr. Sol.


Complts Deposition

Hannah Templin


Jas A. Templin et al


Received by the hands of & A S Deaderick

Filed May 24 1877


B. F. Swingle C & M


The deposition of Hannah Templin witness for herself in above cause. Taken upon agreement at her house on the 24 May 1877 in the presence of Deft J. D. Corry.


Sd witness states I am Complt in this cause am 72 years old and very feeble and can walk but little & some times have staggering spells. I made application at one time to the County Court to have dower set apart to me. We did not have the money to pay expense when the commissioners came and they said I could have it done at any time. I was advised by the Commissioners & my sons that I could have it done at any time. They said they had it fixed so that I could have it laid off at any time if I wanted it. I told the boys since the sale of the land to Corry that I was going to try & hold my dower. I donít know whether I told them this while they were talking of selling or not. I told them I never had signed my dower away & never intended too. It had been a good bit since they first began talking about selling the land. I donít know when I first heard that they were going to sell the land. They told me that the lawyers had told them that I could not hold dower because it was not laid off within 12 months. I never agreed at any time to give up my dower and if any body swears that they swear what _____ so. I heard of the sale the same day Mr. Corry bought. I never heard any of the conversations between him & the boys in reference to the sale. I was never present when the boys & Corry were talking about the sale. It was never mentioned before me. I was not present when any of the papers were signed. I never stated to Mr. Corry that I did not intend to hold dower in the land, I never so stated to any one I never stated to Mr. Corry that I wouldnít hold dower in the place of I could and I never told him I would hold dower. I never talked to him about it, I always refused to sign my right away. No one ever asked me to sign my right away. I remember that then was a gentleman here from Va to look at the place but he didnít buy it and that didnít hush anything. After he went away I donít remember that I told Mr. Corry that I was sorry the boys didnít sold him the place. But if they had sold him the place we would have got something for it.


Cross Examination=

When the boys were talking of selling to Corry they talked to me about it. I did not tell them not to sell. I did not meddle with it. I thought I would get a home here as long as I lived. Corry is my son in law. There was no understanding between myself & the boys about the time of the sale that they would take care of me. I thought they would. They talked to me of the sale to Corry said they were going over to see him about it. I did not know certainly that they were going to sell but knew they were trying to. I made no objection to their selling the land to Corry. I thought I would get a home here any way if Corry bought, he was my son in law & I knew I would not be in the way of any of them long. Corry has never tried to turn me out. He never told me I could stay here. I never rented from him. James talked like hehad rented of Corry. I do not recollect who made the application to the County Court for me to have dower laid off. I cause it to be made I donít remember how it was made. I never made but one application I have never paid any attention to the application in the County Court since. Eli McNeese married my daughter some 18 or 19 years ago. He & his wife are still living and have children. I never notified any of my children of the time I made the application in the County Court for dower.


I have never made any application to the Commissioners appointed to lay off my dower since they were here the first trial. My mind is still all right, though I am not smart, I mean by this that I am not an educated woman. There is no proceeding pending in the County Court now for reference to dower. It was not very long after I made the application in the County Court, until the Commissioners came, not more than a few weeks. I donít know any thing about the fruit trees being dug up on the place since the sale to Corry. We had to pasture the meadow this spring a little. We had nothing to feed. I know nothing of wheat being pastured. I have seen strange cows in the wheat. A bad mare of Elberts jumped into wheat & _________________& I could not get them out for a day but got them out next day. James has a man, I have two, one old blind one.


Re Ex Ė I cant read nor write. I never had a lawsuit before, and was never in the court house in my life. I was never examined as a witness before. I have no knowledge about legal proceedings.


Hannah Templin


We agree that the foregoing may & made as the evidence of Hannah Templin. Not subject to exception because the same is not sworn to nor for want of proper caption in _____________and subject only to such exceptions for imcompeting as might be taken of the deposition was originally taken & properly certified.


Reeves & Deaderick Sol for Corry.


Depositions for Complt.

Hannah Templin VA Jas A. Templin et al

Filed 23 May 1877

B F Swingle C&M


Hannah Templin vs Jas A. Templin et al


In Chancery at Jonesboro Tenn.


The depositions of T. J. Wilson, E. E. Wilson, James A. Templin and Elbert Templin taken by agreement and witness for Complt in above cause. Taken at the office of the Clerk Master in Jonesboro Tenn on the 23rd May 1877. In presence of Council for complt & for Deft J. D. Corry & ___________of Deft.


Sd witness T J Wilson of lawful age and duly name says


I am acquainted with the Defts & Complt in this case and live a neighbor to them all. Have known them for 25 years. Except Deft Corry. I have know him 20 yrs. Hannah Templin is a very old feeble helpless woman. Is reported as over 70 years of age. Is dependent upon the assistance of others. She can walk about the house but sometimes she falls over. I am the T J Wilson who was appointed by the County Court at its Aug Term 1869 in connection with E E Wilson & C E May to lay off & set apart dower to complt out of the lands of John Templin Decíd. We met on the premises for the purpose of laying off a years allowance to the widow and proceeded to do so & reported to the Court. We did nothing about setting apart dower that day. Mrs. Templin wanted us to lay off her dower on that day. Esqr May one of the commissioners told her that she could have that done at any time in the future. He influenced her not to have it laid off on that day. Stating that it would be the best to save the costs alluding the laying off of dower & pay off the debts. Elbert Templin was present Jas A was a minor & I donít think he took any part.


Elbert Templin the exc of John Templin told her that the dower could be laid off to her at any time she wished it done. Then was never any other meeting of the commissioners & they never laid off dower to Complt.


Cross Examined=

Complainant talked to me after this about her dower but I was never called upon after this to lay off dower. John Templin died last of June or first of July 1869. I think in going to set apart years support we acted under the order of the County Court. We laid off years support a few months after John Templin died. The said season of his death we understood that we were empowered to lay off dower, I donít recollect whether we had a copy of the order of Court. I know we were unpaired to lay off dower for I was in Court when the order was made. The widow Hannah Templin is living now on the premises and James A. Templin is living with her, James A is a married man and his wife is there with him and for this sayeth not.

Thos J Wilson


E E Wilson being duly sworn says.


I have heard the deposition of T J Wilson made. I was one of the commissioners appoint by the County Court of Washington to lay off dower & years support for the window Hannah Templin.

I concur in and adopt the deposition & cross examination of T J Wilson given this day in the above cause as my deposition & cross examination, except that I was not in the County Court of said County when the order was made. And with the additional statement that I was one of Hannah Templins nearest neighbors. And have heard her talk frequently about having her dower laid off in said lands she told me frequently that she had helped to make the place and intend to have her dower. She told me shortly before this suit that she intend to have dower in said place.

And further sayeth not. E E Wilson


James A. Templin of lawful age being duly sworn says.


I am one of the Defts in this cause and live on the place with my mother the complt. She is about 72 years old. She is helpless, she can walk about the house with a cane. Two or three weeks ago she walked down to E E Wilsons. At times she is less able to get about than at other times. Wilsons is about 300 or 400 yards off. I am one of the parties that joined in sale of land to Mr. Corry. My mother never said anything about selling all the land to me. We had talk about myself and my brother selling the land.


I remember the fact that a man came from VA to look at the place & that myself, Elbert & Mother afterwards talked about it but not in the presence of Mr. Corry that I remember of. I said myself that I was sorry that we didnít take $2000.00 from him for the land but donít think my mother said this. Am pretty sure she did not say this. She did not state then that she wanted myself & Elbert to sell the land. My mother never told me that she did not claim dower in the land. She always claimed it. The sale of the place was made at Mr. Corrys house or somewhere about there. My mother was not present. The writings were signed by myself & Elbert in Mr. Kirkpatricks office in Jonesboro. I was gave a title bond. My mother was not present. I never told my mother that I was going to sign the title bond for the whole place.


Cross Examination=

Deft Corry executed to me some notes when I signed title bond. I mailed the notes I was obliged to have some things to go upon. I needed a house. I think I traded said notes about the time this suit was brought. I have no caused in this case. My mother had bill filed. I come to town and attended to the filing the bill for my mother. The fee for Kirkpatrick & Allison in this cause has been paid by Robt Rud. I got paid to secure fee for my mother. My mother secured Rud, by giving him a lien on a horse which she had. A horse that was raised on the place and left to her. The horse had been in my possession but of the time I always used the horse when at home. It was one of the horses left on the farm when my father died. I offered Rud as certainty if he would secure said fee and of the notes exceeded by Corry to me for the land.


My mother knew that we were going to ____________some of the land to Corry. But I am certain that she did not know from me we were going to made it all. The land _____between Elbert, myself & Corry. Was talked off several days before it was made. After proposition was made, we talked in a few days I donít think Corry was at our house hearing the propositions and land trade.


Quistion: Did you not state in Mr. Kirkpatricks office at the time the title bond was executed in the presence of Jas D Corry & A S Deaderick that your mother desired you to sell the land & that she did not claim any dower in the same. And that you & Elbert had an arrangement with her ________________which you were to take care of her and to sell the whole land.


Answer=I did not, there was nothing of the kind said that I remember of.


Quistion=Did not Elbert make such a statement then & then in your presence & did you not concur twice.


Answer=Not that I remember of. I am petty sure there was no such talk.


Quistion=Was it not suggested then & there by sd A S Deaderick that your mother should sign said title bond.


Answer=No sir, if it was I didnít hear it.


Quistion=Was there nothing said about the matters embrossed in the fore going questions on that occasion.


Answer=Nothing said that I remember of.


And further saith not.

J A Templin


Elbert Templin of lawful age being duly sworn says.


I am Deft to this suit. My mother is about 70 years old perhaps upwards of 70. She is old & feeble I am one of the parties who sold land to J D Corry. The trade was made at Corrys. My mother was not present. The papers were signed in Jonesboro at Mr. Kirkpatricks office. My mother was not present when papers were signed.


I donít know as my mother agreed at any time to give up her dower & that was myself sell the land. She never said to Mr. Corry in my presence that she wouldnít claim dower in the place. She never told me in the present of Corry that she would not claim dower in the place that I know of. She was never present to my recollection when we were talking to Corry about a sale of the place.


I think I told her that I was going to sell the place to Mr. Corry dower & all. She always claimed her dower and I came to town to see about it two or three times & was told that she could not get her dower and she said if she could not it would have to be sold. I consulted A S Deaderick about it & he said she could not get it. She said if the law was that way it would have to be sold. She has said since that she intended to try to get this was since it was sold.


I remember of a man coming from VA to look at place. Afterwards I think Mother & myself & James in the presence of Mr. Corry had a conservation in regard to this mans buying the land. I donít recollect whether or not my mother stated in that conservation that she was sorry that we did not take 2000.00 for the land. I donít think that my mother was present at any time where James myself & Mr. Corry was talking about the terms & conditions of the trade.


Cross Examination=

My mother knew of the trade between Corry James & myself I had talked to her about it. She did not make any objection to the trade then. Because she thought from the advice I had acquired on it that she could not hold dower. If I had thought then she could have held dower in the land I would not have sold it. I am not certain that I asked A S Deaderick whether she could hold dower or not I asked some lawyer. I know I talked to said Deaderick about this matter. I was living on the land at the time we sold it. Lived in same house with Mother James living there too. I, (with James), executed to Corry a title bond for the whole of the land. Corry executed to me some notes for bal. of purchase money. I traded the notes to Hass & Johnson, after the filing of the bill in this cause, just about the time, bill was filed, donít recollect whether it was day after bill was filed or not. James procured the filing of this bill I did not come with to town with him. Jas got Rud to secure the fee of Kirkpatrick & Allison the horse that for was secured which belonged to mother. And that was left on the place. Jas has claimed him but he is mother horse, Jim took him down to Browns and use him when he lived there. It was understood that James and I were to support mother. Mother all ways said she would hold all she had as long as she lived, it was not part of the understanding that Jim & I were to keep mother if she would not object to the sale of the land. James & I did not tell mother that if she would agree to the sale of the land that we would support her, before the sale.


Quistion=Did you not state in Mr. Kirkpatricks office at the time you & James executed the title bond for the land & in presence of J D Corry & A S Deaderick that your mother desired you to sell the land and that she claimed no dower. And that she & yourself & James had an arrangement which you were to take care of her.


Answer=If I did I donít recollect. Did not James make such a statement & did you not concur therein. I donít recollect that he did. Corry married my sister & his wife was at our house frequently before the filing of the bill, Corry had not been for some time, before the filing of the bill, he had been there occasionally before the sale. I was talking to James H. Dosser about selling him the notes Corry gave me for land about time I sold them to Johnson. I think I gave Dosser as a reason for wanting to sell him said notes that a bill was about to be filed and I was afraid I would lose them. Johnson gave me a part in goods for the noted, and a due bill for bal. which are bill I have. I suppose my mother knew that we was selling all of the land she, did not think she could hold dower. I had come frequently to get advice from lawyers to see whether she could hold dower & told her she could not, & she thought there was no dower, but said she would try.


Re Ex.


I counseled with several lawyers & was advised that mother could not hold dower and told her that I did not think she could hold it and then she said if it was law, that the place would have to be sold but that she would try & hold dower. She told me this both before & after the bill was filed. Between the time that I told her that she could not hold dower and the time of the trade I think she said she would claim dower. She said she would try to stay there as long as she lived.

And further saith not

Elbert Templin


The foregoing deposition were taken before me as stated in the caption and reduced to writing by John Allison __and A S Deaderick council for the parties and I certify that I am not interested in the cause nor of kin in council for either of the parties. Given under my hand this 23rd May 1877

B F Swingle C & M

By D A Patton


Decress Not

Hannah Templin vs Jas A Templin et al

May Turn 1877


June 6th 1877


Hannah Templin vs James A. Templin et al


This cause came on to be heard on this the 6th day of June 1877 before C E Luckey ESQ (a solicitor of this court who was agreed upon, or selected by the parties to hear and determine the questions involved) upon the pleadings, exhibits and proof in the cause, from all of which, his Honor, the said C E Luckey, Special Chancellor selected as aforesaid, is of opinion, that the Complainant Hannah Templin as the widow of John Templin deceased, is entitled to dower out of the lands described in the pleadings, and doth so adjudge and decree; and it being suggested, and admitted, to the Chancellor that all the legatees named in the last will and testament of said John Templin, have been fully paid their legacies, heretofore, by the defendants to this bill and that therefore, they are not entitled to any notice of Complainants application for dower, the Chancellor aforesaid, is therefore pleased, an application, to appoint John L. Blair and Joseph Hill Esqr respectable freeholds of Washington County Tenn commissioners, in connection with Nathan Shipley County surveyor, of said County, who will, after being duly sworn as the statute provides, go upon the land of the said John Templin Decd described in the pleadings and proceed to lay off and assign by meters and bounds to the Complt Hannah Templin one third of said lands in value, including the improvements, thereon, but said commissioners in assigning dower as herein before directed will not take into consideration the value of the improvements which they are directed to include in the lands assigned to said Complt. And said commissioners will report to the next term of this Court what they shall have done in the premises.

And the Chancellor aforesaid being of opinion that James A. Templin and Elbert Templin are the proper parties to pay the costs already accured in this cause doth so adjudge and decree for which execution may issue.



Hannah Templin vs James A. Templin et al


Nov Term 1877


Nov 26th 1877


Hannah Templin vs James A. Templin et al


In this cause it is suggested and admitted in open court that the Complainant Hannah Templin, died before the order in this cause made at the last term, was executed, and it appearing to the Chancellor that said Hannah Templin decd was the only party interested as Complt in this cause, or in having said order executed. And that her interest in the cause, ceased upon her death. The court is therefore pleased to order and direct that this cause be stricken from the docket.