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At the request of Samuel Templing this deed was recorded January 21, 1772 TO WITH THIS INDENTURE made the Twentieth day of December in the yard of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and seventy one, between Phillip Ferver of Frederick County in the Province of Maryland of the one part & Samuel Templing of the county & province aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Phillip Ferver for and in the consideration of the sum of three hundred pounds current money of said province to him in hand paid by the said Samuel Templin the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged Hath bargained, sold, granted, aliened, made over & confirm unto the said Samuel Templing part of the three hundred acres of land which was conveyed to the said P. Ferver by Geo. Frazer Hawkins it being part of a tract of land called Four & Half Gallons of Rum lying & being in the county & province aforesaid, Beginning at the bounded trees of said Four & Half Gallons of Rum and running thence North twenty five degrees West one hundred & thirty perches South Eighty four degrees and an half degree West one hundred & nineteen perches South fifteen degrees East one hundred & eighty perches to a Hickory sapling marked with six notches standing in the north side of a little run about one hundred yards from said run thence South forty five degrees East sixty nine perches to the end of Eighty eight perches on the Eleventh course of said Four Gallons & Half of Rum then by and with the out line thereof North forty degrees East fifty two perches, North forty perches then by a straight line to the beginning containing one hundred fifty acres of land more or less, together with all Buildings, improvements, profits, commodities and advantages thereunto belonging or in any way appertaining To have & to hold all and singularly the premises to him the said Samuel Templin his heirs & assigns for ever to the only proper use & behalf of him his heirs & assigns and to no other use intent or purpose whatsoever and the said Phillip Ferver for himself and his heirs do covenant and agree to and with the said Samuel Templing his heirs & assigns that he the said Ferver the said land will forever warrant and defend against all manner of persons whatsoever claiming or shall hereafter claim any right or title to the same from by or under him the said Phillip Ferver for himself and his heirs do further covenant and agree to and with the said Samuel Templing his heirs & assigns that he the said Phillip Ferver and his heirs shall & will from time to time and at any time or times hereafter at the reasonable request & proper cost & charge of him the said Samuel Templin his heirs or assigns to perform and execute any further act or acts conveyances or other assurance for the better assurance and more firm conveyance of the premises aforesaid provided it be agreeable to the true intent and meaning of the conveyance. In witness whereof the said Phillip Ferver hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year above written.

SIGNED: Phillip Ferver

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of:

Andrew Hough Jos. Wood

On the Back: Received the twentieth day of December 1771 from Samuel Templing the sum of Three Hundred pounds current money the consideration money within mentioned to be paid to me.

SIGNED: Phillip Ferver

Witness: Andrew Hough, Jos. Wood

Deed recorded 15 January 1772

N page 558-9

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