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To all Christian People to whom these Presents shall come Know Ye that I William Blizard of the County of Sussex on Delaware Yeoman as wells for and in consideration of the sum of forty five pounds current money of the Government of the Countys of New Castle and Sussex on Delaware to him well and truly afsd by Richard Tamplin of the County of Sussex since Deceased as for Divers others good causes him thereunto _______ Have ____released of forever quit claim by these Presents for himself and his heirs do fully clearly absolutely ______release and forever quit claim unto his sons and daughters children and heirs of Richard Tamplin Deceased to wit: James Tamplin Moses Tamplin Thomas Tamplin John Tamplin Isaac Tamplin Mary Tamplin and Richard Tamplin and to their heirs and assigns forever in as full and ample a manner as if this decd had been made to afsd Richard Tamplin in his lifetime and in as a same manner that is to way two full shares to my eldest son according to my true Intent and meaning of the Intestate Act of Assembly made for that purpose all such right Estate Title Interest and Demand as he afsd William Blizard had or thought to have if these Presents had never been made of in and to part of a certain Tract of Land situated in Indian River hundred in the county of Sussex afsd in and forever it being the same whereon Ezehiel Jackson formerly lived and was formerly surveyed for one Thomas Bryon Johnson by the name of the "Devils Wood Yard". Beginning at a corner white oak running south forty nine degrees west fourteen perches thence south twenty six degrees east eighty two perches thence south fifty nine and a quarter east one hundred forty three perches thence north quarter west sity three perches thence one and a quarter degree west eighty nine perches thence north forty six and quarters west sixty six perches then home to _________white oak containing and laid out for one hundred and fifteen acres. To have and to hold all his right of sd one hundred and fifteen acres be the same more or less of Land of Improvements thereon unto the said James Tamplin Moses Tamplin Thomas Tamplin John Tamplin Isaac Tamplin Mary Tamplin sd Richard Tamplin their heirs of assigns to ______only proper use and Behalf of them afsd James Tamplin Moses Tamplin Thomas Tamplin John Tamplin Isaac Tamplin Mary Tamplin and Richard Tamplin their heirs as assigns forever so that either the said William Blizard or either of his heirs or any of them nor any other Person or Persons for them or any of them or in any of their Names Right ____shall or will by any ways or means have hereafter any claim challenge or Demand any Estate Right Title or Interest of in or to the said premises with my appurtenances of Improvements Thereon or any Part thereof or to anything thereunto Belonging or appurtaining but from all and every Estate Title Interest and Demand of in or to any said Premises with Appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any way appurtaining they and every of them shall be utterly Excluded and barred forever by these Present.

In Testimony whereof ______said William Blizard hath hereunto set his hand and seal this twenty ninth day of August in the year of our Lord seventeen hundred and seventy two (1772).

Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of

Levin Ennis

John Pettyjohns

William Blizard (Seal and his mark)

Sussex on Delaware

At a Court of Common Pleas held at Lewes for the county afsd the thirty first day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy two the within Deed of Sale was acknowledged in Duty form of Law by and unto the parties therein named.