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Delaware Deed 4 May, 1750

Rich Templin from John Brices Admí Deed

This Indenture made the fourth day of May in the year of our Lord seventeen hundred fifty between Rebecca Brice Adm of all and singular the goods and Chattles Rights and credits of John Brice who died intestate it is said of the County of Sussex on Delaware of the and part and Richard Templin of the same place of the other part witness that whereas there is a certain Act of Assembly of this Government Impowering Exís or Adm to convey Lands contracted for by the Testator or intestate in their Lifetimes Bond being given for the conveyance of the same and the consideration money their Paid and whereas the John Brice in his lifetime by his certain writing obligatory bearing date the second day of Janry seven hundred forty nine with his proper hand signed and with his seal sealed bound himself his heirs Exís Admí Unto the assd Richard Templin in the said sum, twenty pounds to convey and make over unto the assd Richard Templin a certain tract of land situated in the county assd on the west side of Delaware Bay in the forrest of the Broad kill hundred on the head of some part of Pemberton Branch and on the west side of a tract of land formerly laid our for Thomas Carlisle and on the south west and south side of Nells Savannah and on the east and south east of Water Savannah beginning at the corner where oak standing on a drain proceding from Water hole Savannah on the east Side thereof thence downs and drain due south twenty two perches to a corner Spanish oak sappling thence south fifty three degrees east sixty three perches to a corner chestnut red oak thence south thirty three degrees east forty perches to a corner maple standing in the edge of the swamp of water hole Savannah thence south fifty degrees east fifty three perches to a corner white oak standing near the west end of Parsleys Savannah thence North sixty five and half degrees east one hundred forty four parches to a corner black oak by a slabbed white oak thence north thirty three degrees west fifty three parches to a corner red oak of the land laid out for Thos Carlisle standing near the east end of Nells Savannah thence north eighty four and a half degrees west two hundred fourteen perches home to the first corner containing one hundred and six acres called by the name of the second thought granted unto the assd John Brice by warrant dated the fifteenth day of December Seventeen hundred thirty six. Next know ye that the assd Rebecca Brice Adm of assd of the act of assembly assd for and in consideration of the sum of ten pounds current money of this Government paid to John Brice in his lifetime the receipt whereof is hereby asknowledge and the sd Richard Templin his heirs Exís and Adm fully and absolutely acquitted and discharged hath given granted bargained and sold and by these presents doth give grant bargain and sell unto the assd Rich Templin his heirs Exís Adm or assigns the assd land and premisses containg one hundred six acres of land as assd together with all houses orchards gardens timber and timber trees and all other the improvements and appartenances whatsoever thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining to have and to hold the assd hundred and six acres of land with the appurtenances before hereby granted bargained and sold unto the sd Richard Templin his heirs and assigns for _____to the only proper use benefit and behalf of the Richard Templin his heirs Exís Adm and assigned forever free from all incumbrance whatsoever the quitrent excepted and of Rebecca Brice Adm assd doth covenant and agree to and with the assd Richard Templin his heirs and assigns that he the sd Richard shall lawfully and peaceably possess and enjoy the assd granted premisses in as full free and ample manner as ______the assd John Brice in his life

time held and enjoyed the same In testimony whereof the assd Rebecca Brice Admí as assd and by venture of the act of assembly assd hast hereunto affixed her hand and seal the day and year first above written.

Sussex Delaware Rich Templin from John Brice Bond of Convenance Know all men by these presents that I John Brice of the County Assd firmly bound unto Rich Templin of Somerset County Yeo the Full and just sum of twenty pounds current lawfull money of this Government to be paid to the said Rich Templin his heirs Exís Admís or certain attorney to the which payment ______truly to be made and done. Thereby ____ myself my heirs Exís Admís and _____ firmly by these presents sealed with my seal dated twenty second day of Jan 1739/40

The condition of the above delegation is said that if the above assd John Brice his heirs Exís Admís or assigns any of them shall upon reasonable request Do from or them to be made by the above named Rich Templin his heirs Exís Admís or assign at a County court of Court of Comon Pleas to be held at Lewis for the county assd on the sixth day of May next Ensuing the date hence convey and assure unto the said Rich Templin his heirs Exís Admís and assigns all that tract of land lying and coming on the south side of Arthurs Savannah and that by such conveyances and assurances in the land as by the Rich Templin his Exís Adm by his or _____ connect ____ in laws shall be reasonably advised and required discharged of all incumbrances what so ever that then the above obligation to be paid and of none effect or else to stand and remain in full force and vertue.

Sealed and delivered in presence of

John Stewart, Jonathan Scudder, Sussex on Delaware

John Brice (Seal Ė mark)

August 1730

Personally appeared in Court John Stuart this twelfth day of Sept in the year of assd and made oath that he see the within obligation sealed and delivered that signed the same as an evidence and said Johnathan Scudder sign it as another evidence also The which I certify under my hand and seal of Office

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