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Neligh News, Neligh, Nebraska, Thursday, April 2, 1942




The War Department last Thursday notified Walt G. Templin by telegram of the death of his son, Bernie, 22 , at the Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco, California. Templin, a private, was drafted and called into service last October from the state of Oregon.

The circumstances under which Templin met his death were described by the War Department chaplain at the Letterman hospital as the result of a freak accident that occurred March 12. It appears that he and another solider, both station at Camp McQuaide, Calif., were having a friendly scuffle when Bernie slipped and fell and the other man fell on top of him. Bernie suffered a fractured spine with injury to the spinal cord and the resulting paralysis failed to respond to treatment ending in his death March 26.

His only brother, Warrant Officer Wallace Templin, who is station at Portland, Ore., went to the bedside of his brother and was with him most of the fourteen days preceeding his death. The message to the father stated also that his sonís wife was with him to the last. It was the first news the senior Templin had of his sonís marriage.

Bernie left Neligh about six years ago for Idaho where he worked for a time and later went to Oregon where he was employed in a lead mine at the time he was called into the army on October 1 under the selective service law. The Templin family came to Neligh in 1919 and resided on a farm north of here until Mrs. Templin passed away about eight years ago, whereupon they moved to town. Bernie was employed for a time at the local Union Store as clerk and later by A. W. Kindler who operated a delivery service, then he left for Idaho.

The boyís body was returned to Neligh for burial. Funeral was today (Wednesday) and the Antelope Post of the American Legion had charge at the grave.

Templin was born July 7, 1919, at Manila, Iowa. Besides his father, Walt G. Templin of Nelight, he is survived by his widow of San Francisco; two sisters Miss Goldie Templin and Mrs. Lyle Daniels, of Fremont, Neb., and one brother, Wallace, of Portland, Ore.

Templinís death is the first fatality of the present was from this community and the second from Atnelope county. Donald Yates, Clearwater, was the first in the county. He was lost on the U.S.S. Houston in the Java sea.